Food Colouring Hyperactivity

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Food Colouring Hyperactivity. Brilliant blue E133 is a reddish-blue substance that can be used to colour food blue. The Effects of Food Coloring on Hyperactivity.

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The chemicals have been linked to hyperactivity in children certain allergies and migraines. It can be combined with yellow colours notably tartrazine to make food more green. They point out that three dyes yellow dye 6 yellow dye 5 and red dye 40 all contain ingredients that cause cancer in animals.

Food coloring or color additive is any dye pigment or substance that imparts color when it is added to food or drinkThey come in many forms consisting of liquids powders gels and pastesFood coloring is used in both commercial food production and domestic cooking.

Mounting research suggests artificial food coloring is associated with hyperactivity. Food safety experts have recently found dangerous amounts of food colouring in some Indian meals. A recent research significant changes were found in the hyperactivity behaviour of children by removing colourants and preservatives from the diet. The Effects of Food Coloring on Hyperactivity Posted on March 18 2014 by Ally Martin One of Thousands of ADD ADHD Coaches on Noomii.